C++ Developer

  • Expert knowledge of C++
  • Blockchain Experience
  • Familiar with Github and open source development best practices
  • Ability to communicate and work with other team members where necessary.
  • Ability to quickly learn what is needed.
We are seeking only the best and most qualified new developers to join our team. The position is part-time and would be remote.
  • Expert knowledge of C++
  • Commitment to tasks and learning when research is required.
  • Good communication with team and other developers
  • Familiarity with using and developing blockchain projects.
We are generally a laid-back team, and a decentralized project, so you will have to be good at working on your own while keeping the team up to date.
  • Competitive Pay, as an independent contractor.
  • Work on your own time.
  • Work as a freelancer.
  • Recognition in the blockchain industry.
  • Experience developing in a semi-professional standard.
Help make Ignition coin what you want it to become, join our development team today.